Pictures from Mother’s Day Open House at River Organics

Like many Portlanders, I was out Saturday enjoying the sunshine. The weather has been… let’s say shifty; but the clouds vacated long enough for us to have a couple days that really felt like summer. Right now, it appears to be overcast. I take this as evidence that even Mother Nature doesn’t care for Mondays.

I took over two tables on the sidewalk and some considerable window space. Andrew (pictured here) and Jess (behind the camera) brought fancy coffee drinks and we sat in the shade of the River Organics building chatting and munching on cookies. Andrew has a very special smile in this photo; I imagine he liked the art and the weather just fine, but the extra twinkle in his eye comes from how he graduated from college this weekend, and how he didn’t get sunburned like I did.

Ok, the sunburn probably wasn’t on his mind, but right now it’s on my mind– and my shoulder. Like many other Portlanders, I got my first sunburn of the year. Here is a photo of my aloe plant (or what’s left of it). I’ve even sliced a few more inches off since I took this picture. Last week that plant was twice as big… and this weekend me and Pirate Duck pillaged it. Little known remedy for sunburns: swift application off aloe and piracy.

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday to see Michele’s fine lotions, Adrianna’s clothes, and my art. Especially to everybody who complimented my Gigantic Koi Painting, which I was able to show this weekend for the first time.


The cards and paintings and prints you see in my table displays will all be available this Saturday for purchase during my neighborhood’s mass garage sale. Think of the money you’ll save on shipping if you buy them in person! 😉


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