Meanwhile, back at the Pip house

They have artists at the Tin Shed on staff-- look at that chalk drawing.

I went to the Tin Shed for a great breakfast with Elyse. I took this picture in between stuffing my face and trying to overhear any talk about my work. I did get to see one girl laugh and point at the Idaho travel poster (Idaho: Now With Electricity). I have plans for another Oregon-inspired painting, but I have some more pressing projects to take care of first.

Here is a sneak peek of a piece I finished in time for viewing on Saturday at River Organics. I have new prints of my paintings that will be available on ETSY as well as more of my handmade gift cards. The ones that are better than all the Hallmarks you’ve ever bought. Combined.

The flower bed in front of our house has exploded with blue-purple irises. Here is an example— and Matilda insisted on making an appearance because she’s desperate for attention. The dog has been visiting Ashland and Matilda is bored. Now that the Trailblazers are out of the playoffs, she’s one of our most reliable forms of entertainment.

I made some nice dinner rolls the other day, and it was just the right time of afternoon that I could let them rise in the window, amongst the potted herbs. I posted photos some time ago of the plants I’m growing and one  featured what I call…


Mom, you had questioned whether this is actually a basil plant, and I assure you it is.  Just, not the plant you would see in an encyclopedia of herbs next to “purple basil.” I compare this pot of herbs to the hardy little trees that grow on the mountains at the edge of the timber line. They are so high on the mountain and it’s so harsh that the trees are very small even though they are the same age as the tall trees elsewhere on the mountain. The purple-green flopped-over sprigs are actually the first sprouts from purple basil seeds I planted nearly a year ago. The  rest of it (the Crazy Straw with leaves) has grown to this meandering stalk within the last couple months.

Up next I will have pictures from my afternoon at River Organics and of some new art. I hope your weekend is going nicely, and remember to call your mom!


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