Wealthbridge Mortgage, I guess you’re cool.

When I began to shop around for colleges, I took special interest in Willamette University because their informational mailings included the number of ducklings born on campus per year. I had lots of experiences at WU which were a bit quirky, a bit odd. That’s what you get when your mascot is the bearcat.*

I’m glad to report that the slightly-off occurrences have not disappeared in the time since we graduated. I’d like to share this snippet of the most recent WU alumni magazine, from the class notes section which includes our wedding announcement. And a picture! Just not together.

Wesley, Brian, and Justin, Bill and I raise our glasses to you and Wealthbridge Mortgage.

The month of May completely snuck up on me. I’ve finally gotten used to writing 2010 and now I have to remember 5 instead of 4. I’m synced with the calendar now, so I can tell you that Second Saturday at River Organics is happening this weekend. Now that it’s May, the food carts are coming out and will be set up next to the open house at River Organics. You can eat some delicious greasy street food and then come find lotions/art prints/cleansers/cards/spa treatments to spoil your loving patient mother.

You can also show her your love and smart-arse with the help of cards you may buy from my ETSY store.

I have several pieces now in the works, I’ll have some art previews for you soon. On a completely unrelated note, do any of you have a BSU baseball cap? I know a guy in the market for one. Thanks for reading!

*Actually, bearcats are pretty rad, and they smell like popcorn.


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