Another night of “What can we fry next?”

Last week was a flurry of art-related work, but that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the kitchen. Latest culinary expedition:

Artichoke– deep fried, of course. None of us have much experience with artichokes, so this was highly experimental. I quartered them and seasoned them heavily with pepper and salt and flour. I took it as an opportunity to experiment with some different kinds of salt, an effort to compare them I guess. Hawaiian pink salt, pacific black sea salt, smoked salt, and red salt. You know how mom makes you a peanut butter sandwich and spreads a heart shape into it, and even though you don’t see it, you know it’s better for having it? The artichokes were the same way– who knows which quarter had what salt, but dammit we knew they were gourmet.

We also got some potsticker skins and filled them with a mix of rice noodles, peas, and some other delicious things. We got pretty good at folding them, too. Just to get CRAZY I filled one with Nutella and a blackberry. I am an evil genius.

Regarding art: I am happy to say that the piece I donated for the SHARE event was purchased before it even hit the auction table– and the money goes to the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. I also popped in at the Tin Shed yesterday and there is one new message in my comments-for-the-artist book, and that was nice.

I also loaded a few new cards to my ETSY store. I made them especially for Mother’s Day.

Please check them out. Thanks for checking on my blog today!


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