My evening at the Tin Shed was much better than the Blazers game

Ta dah! Last night kicked off the latest installment of public scrutiny of that art stuff I do. I had a great dinner with my friends and that zombie you see behind my shoulder. I told you, everybody likes Last Thursday in Alberta. Even the living dead.

This is the least unflattering picture of the group.

I chatted with some very friendly fellow-diners who were gracious about letting me photograph over their heads at dinner, and who asked me questions about my art and I was so excited to have the opportunity to blab about my paintings because I imagine my friends are tired of hearing it.

This is the first or second time that I have shown this painting of Jack, my family’s heeler/Australian shepherd. I did this painting from a photo of Jack, and it was the first piece I did on a canvas instead of cardboard from the recycle bin. I heard some “awwws,” so Mom, pat him on the head for me.

Now that I think of it, this show is the first where I have included both my first canvas and my latest. I’ve talked this one up a while, so I hope you like it as much as I do. I used the same process as the Paris Collage, this time on a round canvas and framed with glass tile.

"Mt. Hood Collage," or, "Mysterious Mist." Etc.

Tonight is the SHARE Community Forum and Fundraiser in one of my favorite Portland enclaves, Multnomah Village. I donated a piece to their auction and I’ll be checking out their event tonight– would love to have company if anybody’s interested in spending part of their Friday night hearing about women in crisis. It’s ok, there’s a bar across the street to raise your spirits.

I will soon have cards on ETSY for Mother’s Day, and I have some new matted prints available for purchase. Mt. Hood prints won’t happen until I get it back home, but I promise they will happen.

Thanks for reading!


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