Stage is set for: How to Succeed in the Kitchen Without Really Trying

I took on a new culinary challenge this week: homemade pasta. It seems so intimidating, when you look at the pasta cranks and Anne Burrell on Food Network with her pro-chef technique. Making the dough wasn’t difficult, my only problem was in rolling the dough thin enough. I know, that’s what the cranks are for, but those are expensive and I really like to think I can roll dough without a machine.

You know what’s better than pasta? Filled pasta. Enter: spinach, garlic, olive oil, basil. Cue the food processor (my sous chef Hubert).

I mixed that with cheese, because what’s the point of Italian food without cheese? I realize I could have gotten a lot more pasta pieces if I’d rolled it thin enough, but it was still good. Thick pasta like that would be difficult to cook in water– but it works just fine in the deep fryer!

Fried spinach and cheese raviolo! Bon apetit. Oh yes, it was bon.

After-bath Anger

All of my readers who have slept on our couch are aware that sometimes in the morning, our cat is a jerk. She often meows outside our door an hour before we plan on feeding her. She waves her little tufted feet under the door. We never had a problem with her scratching the furniture, but in order to remind us of breakfast she learned the scratching-the-couch-pose would make our door go bang bang bang bang bang. Meowww… bang bang bang. Jerk.

Some mornings she is snuggly and very sweet. I made some morning espresso drinks yesterday, and they were not at all cool like the heart-latte and the turkaccino. She sensed how disappointed I was and she thoughtfully prettied it up for me.

This cappuccino is officially kitty-approved

Today I’ll be making some more prints and cards that will shortly be available on ETSY. In the last week or so, the printer and I have not been seeing eye-to-eye. I am determined to make it work today; or else I think we have to break up. If my bouquet of photo paper and box of ink cartridges do not woo it, there is nothing left for me to do. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading!


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