Houston, we have no problem. But who the heck is this guy?

Are you familiar with that awful logo for Sherwin-Williams paint? It has a can pouring paint on a planet and reads “Cover the Earth.” Well, in the last few days, the living room looks as if Dutch Boy set off a paint-IED… shards of rainbow shrapnel everywhere. It’s like land mines of paper-cuts. I think it’s been worth it, as I’m happy to say I have another collage nearing completion. Paris isn’t the only pretty place in the world; this time I’m doing something closer to home.

For The Paris Collage, I used many different kinds of paper– magazine, post card, scrapbooking paper– but for this one I’ve only used paint chips. This means I’ve had to put more thought into the colors instead of shapes or textures in patterned paper. It also means I’ve gotten to look at all the names they give to shades of paint. I was thinking of subtitling the piece “Mystifying Mist,” but I didn’t even use that color.

Here is another sneak peek. This will be out for all to see next month at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe. I might bite off all my fingernails with my anticipation of showing at the Tin Shed.

In completely art-unrelated business, I saw a familiar face this week. I met him several years ago when I was living in Salem. I was walking home and he struck up a conversation with me. He’s a small-ish guy, with receding brown  scraggly hair that is not combed nor trimmed, long enough to brush the popped collar of his blue windbreaker. He’s very talkative. Back in the day, he ran cross country and he told me all about how great a runner he was and named a few time/distance combinations that are meaningless to me anyway, and then expounded on the physical demands of training to be a NASA astronaut. He was a great runner, you see, but he still wasn’t good enough to be an astronaut. There was a lot more to his story, at the time I was concentrating on balancing my grocery bags for the walk home, and he was too busy talking and smoking two cigarettes to help me with them. Really. One in each hand, he alternated puffs. I was walking home from the Center St. Safeway (all my Salem homies just nodded knowingly) which is in the same neighborhood as a half-way house occupied by several former state hospital psych patients. I started referring to the double-smoking runner as Nasa. We also had Angry Man, who walked the streets having a heated argument with… well, you know. Nobody. There was also the old guy who put wind chimes on his bike and rode extra fast on sidewalk bumps to make them ring.

When I moved out of downtown, I was surprised to see Nasa walking far into south Salem. And when I worked on the north end of town, sure enough I saw him there too. One of my friends described it as being “like God ran out of extras for your TV show.” The people you don’t actually know but you see them in strange and unrelated places. Salem isn’t that large of a town, and the buses go everywhere, so I stopped being surprised when I saw him. It was like playing Slug-Bugs. We called them “Nasa sightings.”

A few months ago, driving to my new neighborhood which is a full hour away from downtown Salem, I saw him. I was certain of it–  but then started un-convincing myself on the basis that his presence here was just plain silly. I was driving and maybe I didn’t get a clear look. Turns out that just like in Salem, we have regular Nasa sightings. Yes, we. I have other witnesses, Girl Scout’s Honor it’s true.

I went out to play with Emily and Elyse yesterday. I fed my mocha addiction and checked to make sure my stuff had not fallen off the wall.

there is nothing I can say for this picture.

There, I wasn’t making it up when I said I had a display for April. I had a pretty doofy grin sitting and looking at them on something other than my wall or inside portfolios. Thanks for reading, and for all of you that support and encourage me with art. The Trailblazers are in a play-off game shortly, so I’m off. Happy weekend!


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