Katie’s coffee, good to the last gobble-gobble

This weekend I was away from the computer, I was drawn outside (like many others) by some overdue sunshine. I have a spray paint project happening in the garage, and it was so nice to have the garage door open to allow the springtime breeze in. And let me tell you, that breeze felt like cashmere after maybe a half hour of fumes. There are lots of new flowers blooming in the yard, so everything around the house smelled nicer than the garage.

These are about the size of grapefruits

Saturday we had company over and made a big dinner. It was fabulous, and I was so happy to have Margi and Joel in from out of town with whom to drink a lot of wine. I handled some spaghetti with tomato sauce and some loaves of French bread. Rob did meatballs, and Josh made some deep fried eggplant sticks. This is where I would post some pictures, but we were too busy eating to take photos. So, since there’s no evidence I’d like to add that we had a crown roast, creme brulee, and popovers full of Nutella.

But do not fret, dear reader. I do have a food-related photo for you. I was making cappuccinos a few days ago, and oddly on accident I poured a heart into Bill’s cup. Awww, how sweet, I know. Mine, likewise without intention, turned out to be a turkey.

Today's special at Cafe Le Pip, the turkaccino

I still have a special running on my ETSY this week, and I’d love for you to check it out. I’m planning to start a new collage this afternoon and I’m very excited about it– I’d like to have it finished in time to include in my show next month at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe. Time for me to start working, so thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


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