The trifecta at my house is: art, food, and dog.

In my earlier post about last weekend at River Organics, I snuck in a picture including a piece newly finished. Here’s a direct photo of my most recent addition to the travel poster-esque series, for the beautiful and welcoming city of Amsterdam.

I think I’ll put in some work making that guy look more hamster-y instead of teddy bear.  But otherwise it’s finished and will be available in prints soon-ish.

The kitchen is not far from my painting table, so that’s the other place I’ve been in the last few days. I enjoy baking as much as cooking, and I’ve made a truckload of bread in the years since I started actively practicing cooking. I’m proud to say that this week I made the best French bread I have ever made ever. I wasn’t even a fan of French bread for a long time, really just because of the hard crust they’re so proud of. I remember being an omnivore, but lately I’ve been a bread-and-cheese-atarian.

THAT is a crust to get excited about

In my pursuit of this deliciousness I have tried brushing the loaves with water, butter, egg whites, or oil during the baking process to help the crust brown and to keep from getting too dry. Nuts to that. The secret is an egg wash– WITH the yolk. I brushed the loaves before putting them in the oven and halfway through the baking process. I win at French bread.

I’m happy to say I also busted out my trusty Janome machine and did a bit of sewing. Nothing ambitious. I may have mentioned that among the many things to love about Maty is his overwhelming joy at receiving attention. He has a long history of wearing doggie bandannas; and he is no dummy. He knows he gets more attention when he’s wearing one. So I made him a scarf.

I'd love to have him smiling in the picture but literally the only way to photograph him wearing it was to wait til he was scratching his butt.

As always, thanks for reading. And if any of the ladies with whom I had dinner last night are checking my blog, special thanks to you!


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