Didn’t plan it, but today’s post is all about signs

I’m thrilled to share with you guys that I’ve got some art up at Da Vinci’s Ristorante– but this time it’s not for a month. It’s only one piece but it will be there forever I’m sure.

This is my first professionally commissioned work. They purchased my Welcome sign and requested a sign for their restrooms. I used the same lettering style for this as for the Welcome sign, but embellished this with grapes and vines. Next to the sign is their wine bar, so I think it’s perfectly placed to invite customers to two kinds of relief.

Since the sign hangs down rather than attached to a wall, I didn’t want the ugly reverse side of the canvas showing. With help from Bill and Rob, I covered the back with fabric so as to look curtain-y. I’d like all my tall friends to note that I added a padding strip along the bottom so it won’t hurt if you hit your head on it. You’re welcome. 😀

I sent an application to the jury for the West Linn Arts Festival. Cross your fingers for me– but not for too long, I won’t hear back about acceptance for a couple months. I may have mentioned an outdoor market that I got in on. I was really bummed out when I got an email saying the property management company changed their mind about holding the market. I’m happy again though, because apparently it’s back on. I’ll be starting that in May.

This Saturday is the Second Saturday of the month, so it’s time again to invite you all to visit River Organics, 11-1:30

Some of you may have noticed that on occasion I have a loud-ish laugh. I had a good, loud laugh this week in a parking garage, so imagine the echoes. We were passing the “automated” parking payment machine, and I was about to say “They will never ever ever ever fix this, will they?” when I noticed an embellishment to the Out of Order sign that has been there since before we moved to Portland.

permanently useless

Happy Friday! Up next are some cooking pictures, because as usual, Rob and I have been busy in the kitchen. Thanks for reading!


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