Don’t forget your umbrella if you’re hunting Easter eggs in Oregon.

It’s been a very delicious Easter weekend around here. Burgers with prosciutto, some steak with macaroni and cheese, and this morning a nice brunch with several of our friends. Poppyseed muffins, cinnamon scones, French pastries that I can not pronounce and can’t stop eating, plus bacon and espresso.

Daffodils and daffy faces

In art news, I took 9 of my pieces out to a Starbucks in Tigard to display for the month of April. This is normally where I would show you a picture of my display but I cannot. It’s okay, you know what the inside of a Starbucks looks like, and you’ve seen my stuff. In lieu of that picture, here is one I snapped of Maty:


Fun Fact– Although Matilda is a secular cat, she is an avid Easter fan. Many of her favorite toys have been Easter- related. She’s done some serious gymnastics while fighting plastic Easter eggs. Plastic grass is just as good as tinsel and ribbon.

She loves him, she hates him, it's a complicated relationship

Her first companion came out of her first Easter. Rather, a little later than that, when all the cutesy toys are on sale. I found a bin of little Easter-themed stuffed animals at the Dollar Store and this one was sitting on top of the pile staring at me, knowing I couldn’t help but ponder “Is it a Duck-Rabbit or a Rabbit-Duck?” She didn’t stop to think about that question because she was too busy pouncing on it and wrestling. Then snuggling. You know how kids “play house?” They play “domestic dispute.” We watched her once battling Duck Rabbit in a cardboard box until finally flinging him out. After a minute of time-out, she picked him up, brought him back to the box, and licked him on the head.

They have had some fun times together, and since she can’t read I can tell you that sometimes when they wrestle, I think Duck Rabbit is winning.

Who does a cat have to meow at to get some eggs around here?

Don’t judge me, I didn’t buy things to make the cat an Easter basket. We just gave her this crappy basket that Darbie pawned off on us. Matilda likes necklaces and would probably like fish if she was smart enough to get a hold on one— so this works just great for her. I would like to introduce her to whoever made the “grass” for this basket so she could scratch him in the face and then make him vacuum our floor. It’s like dried pine needles, but those would be better because at least they’d smell nice. Even the cat can see these are  little more than rejected toothpicks dyed green.

I'm also beginning to suspect they are radioactive.


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