A bit o’ bloggin on a rainy rainy day

I threw some paint around this week, and I’m pretty pleased with the mess I made. Here’s a sneak peek:

It’s very nearly finished and I hope to have pictures of the whole piece for you in the coming few days. I’m holding out on you– the painting itself is done– but I’m waiting to have a picture of it in its new home. I love how it’s come out, but it’s not staying here with me. It was commissioned and there’s already a space designated for it over in Milwaukee.

In my continuing follow-up to the 6 Things about Katie that May or May Not be True, I’d like to address Thing 1. “I had my first art display when I was 8. By this time I had graduated in art media from crayon on computer paper (complete with the perforated tear-off edges for feeding through the printer) to colored pencils and the occasional pastel.”

This is not true. Well, the business of crayons and colored pencils is true, but my first art display was when I was just a couple years ago at The Space in Salem, Oregon. The picture I included was probably from Easter sometime… but if you look at some of the pictures from shows, I’m smiling pretty much the same way.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Happy Easter!


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