When I’m confused by life, I like to bake things.

I filled out an application for a job, which entailed a bizarre personality test of sorts. My favorite part was where you pick out adjectives that describe you when you’re at work. That would be really easy if it were a list on which I could check several boxes. Level-headed–ok. Responsible–of course.  Funny–looking.

Instead of that, there were a list of adjectives in pairs from which to choose “Which adjective best describes you at work?” So, am I responsible or am I adventurous?  Am I cheerful or punctual? Competitive or complicated?

Wait, what?

Even Matilda was puzzled by these questions. I can’t imagine the profile that comes out of my answers when I’m forced to claim the adjective orderly or unique.

To balance this, I will share some information with you and I can use as many adjectives as I want. I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten about the “6 Things” list from an earlier post. To encourage more guesses, I will clear up one for you. It might blow your mind. #3 is TRUE! HA! I got you.

No joke, I hate ketchup. Not into mustard. Mayonnaise kinda grosses me out. My vegetables and salads are dry or with maybe some Ceaser. Maybe. Bacon is the ultimate reason I could never be a vegetarian– so because of or despite of this, I think Baconnaise is an insulting mutant condiment.

I might be speaking a little too strongly (but I doubt it). I made quiche tonight and it had lots of bacon in it, so I’m not about to take any substitutes. Ta-dah!

Eggs, bacon, ham, 3 kinds of cheese

I put in a little basil as well. Did you know bacon and basil go pretty well together? They do– if you  hurry over you can find out, we haven’t eaten it all. Please let me stray a moment on the subject of this amazing herb.

This is my pot of basil, and I wanted to point out that one overachieving sprig in the middle. One afternoon it just decided it would become twice as tall as every other bud in the pot and it did so promptly. As a tall person, I respect that. I chopped up little short weenie basil leaves for the quiche. I’d like to see what this sprout is made of. It’s like Me, as basil. Or Jane Lynch, or Meryl Streep, or C.J. Cregg, or Julia Child.

I’m optimistic of that one– but I’d surely never show Julia Child my other basil plant.

I call it Frankenbasil. Or the Hunchback of Notre Herb



  1. Mimi Pippel said,

    April 1, 2010 at 3:17 am

    Responsible, punctual and competitive. No one wants to hire a person who is complicated, believe me. I love your blog! Almost as much as I love you!

  2. Carol Johnston said,

    April 1, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Frankenbasil looks like a coleus to me….are you sure it’s basil?
    Love, Ma

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