Today’s key concepts are Deliciousness and Cuteness.

I apologize for neglecting my blog. But I couldn’t go near my computer for a while on account of greasy pizza fingers.

Quit drooling on your keyboard– we didn’t save you any.  Don’t worry though, pizza happens a lot around here. What I’d like to say is, delicious happens a lot around here. Rob and I have been cooking a lot this week and I think I’d like to feature those accomplishments today instead of ETSY work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been amassing a collection of wedding Thank You cards. The pictures of those just aren’t as exciting as the pictures of last night’s dinner…

Rob made another killer batch of french fries, cooked up some pork chops, and I made some cheesy crispy baked macaroni and cheese. In a happy mis-communication he bought a 6 pack each of Pyramid Haywire Hefeweizen and MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale…I picked up a Fat Tire Folly pack (which includes 3 each of 4 Fat Tire varieties). So even if we totally botched dinner, we’d all still be happy. I’d like to point out that it’s not just Emily savoring the smell of dinner, Maty is in the background obediently staying 2 centimeters out of the kitchen. I’d like to also say that he’d BETTER stay out of the kitchen. We neglected to put away some bread the other day and Maty ate it. By “some bread” I mean “two baguettes.” Jerk.

say it with me: "nom nom nom"

I know this looks like a plate of could-be-anything deep fried. Specifically, they are deep fried cheese sticks. Mozzarella? A classic of course, but we strayed into Culinary Adventureland and used Halloumi. I’d like to give a shout-out to my friends Jess and NickNick who introduced me to this Greek cheese. It’s magic cheese. We didn’t technically have to bread these sticks to deep fry them, this cheese is of a mystical consistency that you can GRILL IT and it won’t melt. I prefer it battered, but I love the idea that they don’t have to be.

Ok, enough food. Time to switch to some total cuteness.

I got to spend time this week with my favorite baby. He and I, we understand each other. We both love books, stacking things into towers, and laughing at others’ misfortune. We also both think his mom is pretty rad.

My fellow fans of Darbie, Mike, and Atom may check on them at

It's a cup of bird seed he wants to go put on their bird feeder!

Lastly just a bit of business-talk. There was a time when I had my stuff so put together that I had postcards I sent out with info for several art events I had at the time. Someday soon, this will happen again (so make sure I have your address if you want a bit-o-art in your mail). The Educators Show at Splendorporium, for example, I would have sent invitations had I know I’d be in on the show more than 4 days before it opened. Similarly, this is the most advance notice I can give that I booked myself a display for the month of April. It’s OK though, there’s no Opening Night to notify about, all I need to say is that if you’re in Tigard and want something pretty to look at with your morning Starbucks, I can point you in the right direction.

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading!!


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