If you have legs and are flammable, then you are never blocking a fire exit.

Today I woke up to an overcast sky, so I’m going to make a pot of magical chai tea and then stare at the clouds until they break up. The last few days of sunshine have been rejuvenating to everyone and everything. I have been painting and crafting by our big sunny windows and putting little vases of fresh flowers around the house. I even did some yard work the other day. Much like my winter game of Drink and Play Fetch with Maty, he likes to practice Play Fetch while Katie Gardens. So I pulled a weed, tossed the Frisbee over my shoulder, pulled a weed, tossed the Frisbee… I tossed a branch of rosemary once hoping he’d be interested (rosemary breath would be a huge improvement over what he’s huffing now) but he didn’t care. Pity, I pulled out about a third of our rosemary bush, there were all kinds of good fetching sticks!

Would any of you like some fresh rosemary? Come over, we’ll have some tea and you can take a branch with you. I used to grow rosemary plants and use sprigs and twigs…. but  the yard of our house has the Mother of All Rosemary. Like I said, I pulled out a third of it and I’m still referring to it as a bush with branches instead of plant and sprigs.

I have new items for sale in my ETSY store. I admit I’ve been a little card-crazy lately in my ETSY but I’ve also loaded prints with frames. They’re ready to go– out of the box and on to your wall. And a few of them are sold in pairs instead of singly. Like this set:

Inspired by the colors of autumn in Minto Brown Park

I’m also happy to say I worked yesterday on a piece I’ve had planned for a while. To keep you loyal readers mildly interested, here’s a sneak peek of what will hopefully be available for prints very soon.

The cat just jumped up into the windowsill making an unhappy sort of noise, I looked up to see that it’s raining now. Luckily my chai is ready so I’ll go focus on that instead. To my fellow chai lovers, check out my spread.

Fun way to fancy up your tea: add espresso shots for “dirty chai.” We’re big fans of this around here. Though I will admit that espresso is only my second favorite thing to put in chai. Naturally #1 is Bailey’s. But that’s a drink for another time…

Speaking of drinks, I’d like to share a small story here before I sign off. I went out for brunch with Bill and Josh and while we were waiting for a table Josh asked the hostess if he could get a glass of water. We were in for a 45 minute wait, I mean, help a guy out! The hostess told him no, sorry, “We’re not allowed to serve drinks out here” in the wait-to-be-seated lobby. “It’s a fire hazard.” I put my head down to hide my smile, so did Bill; but Joshy had to say what we were all thinking.

“I didn’t realize water was a fire hazard.”

We decided later that he should have threatened to light the place on fire if he didn’t get a glass of water… but I suspect the irony would be lost on the hostess. Luckily, it was not lost on us, and it gave us something to joke about while we ate our piles of pancakes with blueberries, waffles with strawberries, slabs of bacon, and coffee served with heavy cream. I hope you have an equally good breakfast soon– and if you bring bottled water with you when you go out, bring a fire extinguisher with you, I don’t want to hear about any accidents you guys.

Thanks for checking in with me!


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  1. Diane said,

    March 22, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    *lovelove* I like the duel set of framed prints. Also, along the lines of the “fire hazard” comment, when I was passing an escalator this morning I noticed a sign that said “Sorry for the inconvenience; escalator out of service” and had to fight a giant urge to post a little sign beneath it that said “Sorry for the convenience; this escalator is temporarily a set of stairs”… 🙂 People are amusing.

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