The Mystical Vernal Equinox is Upon Us.

That, incidentally, is a line from my copyright-questionable  novel Teri Popper and the Order of the Vernal Equinox. The sequel will be How to Train your Equinox.

But that is not the Equinox I mean to talk about.This weekend, the sun will shine directly on the equator of the Earth and for reasons science cannot explain,* on that day you can balance an egg on it’s end.

You’ve probably heard of this.

But have you heard about balancing a knife on St. Patrick’s Day? With the Equinox approaching (insert scary music for my knock-off screen play The Equinox Approacheth) you can take advantage of the bizarre gravitational fluxuations and balance many things in ways you would not normally balance them.

Today’s example: a butter knife balanced thusly.

For once, it’s not a question of the Irish Soda Bread falling on the buttered or non-buttered side– it’s a question of which extremely dull part of this knife will stick into our extremely soft linoleum. I hear that my favorite toddler is a fan of stacking things. Darbie, can Atom and I build a card house this weekend? Or maybe a tower of cupcakes? A playhouse out of bags of Starbucks coffee beans?

I took a brief hiatus from painting and crafting to bust out my Janome and sew a very nice neck wrap, covered with fleece and including cloves and cardamom in the stuffing for aromatic enjoyment. This was my first ETSY custom order. Did you know ETSY sellers love custom orders? Incidentally, Dani, yours is done.

I know it’s a sort of short post today, but I have several things in line for the next posts. I hope your day goes well, and as always Thank You for reading.

*I know science has answers. I just like to think some things are magic.


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