Oooh, What’s Growing Here?

I am happy to report that I’m grown up enough now that when I play the game “Oooh, What’s Growing Here?” I get to play it in my garden and not in the fridge. When we moved here last summer a lot of the flowers and shrubs in the garden were done flowering and ready to hole up for winter. Which means now there’s a dozen things growing in the yard that we had no idea existed.

Exhibit A: The flower bed under the bay window:

Bleeding Hearts-- appropriate for liberals moving in I guess...

There are two things to note about this picture. One is the plant at the far back– it is a hydrangea I planted last summer and I just want to show that I didn’t kill it yet. The twiggy thing closest in the frame is an Idon’tknowwhat and it’s only there because I didn’t kill it…yet.

I don't know where these suckers came from but I guess I'll let them stay.

All the rest of that– those six or seven Bleeding Heart plants– is magic. I seriously believed nothing was in that bed. I had good reason to believe nothing was in that bed. That twiggy thing? There were three others. They were dead. I pulled them all out and have been thinking of what do plant there between my hydrangea and the leftover twiggy thing. I think there’s a tulip or two sneaking in there as well.

I have continued to add purchaseables to my ETSY site, there are a few new pieces available as prints and several new lovely fancypants cards.

I’ll wrap up this post with a promise to have some new paintings on here soon– there are some works in progress I have on the drafting table– and with a big fat “awwwww” picture. Maty and Matilda do like each other, but they are rarely affectionate or even close in proximity because Mat generally keeps from looking her in the eye (because generally that means she’ll punch him in the face). So I was thrilled to catch this little moment:


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