Bit of sunshine, bit of business

This is my favorite kind of daffodil that is growing in our yard. I loaded this picture a few days ago, planning to shove our springtime in your faces– neener neener. Now, after some freaky snow and hail flurries this week, I have to post this to remind Spring to hurry up and get here to stay.

Mat and I took advantage of  a period of warm sunshine with a little bit of his favorite-est thing ever.


Matilda watched from the front bay window, as usual. Usually she watches with some curiosity but this time she was only there to judge us.

Contemptful cat does not approve.

Shut up, cat. You like string and Easter toys. You also have a car coming out of the side of your face, so maybe you should tend to that first.

Meanwhile I will busy myself with some the usual ETSY business. I’m loading more art for prints and more cards that are equal in awesomeness to this example:

prettify your presents

If you’re reading my blog today because I threw my business cards at you in Spanish or ASL class, Thank you!! I hope you check out my online store, and if you make a purchase I promise some cute bonus present with your order. Just let me know you’re un estudiante de Sra. Torres or an A-S-L- student – person – same as me.

Thanks for checking my blog today! Pass it along if anything made you giggle.

OH! Also, this weekend is Second Saturday at River Organics– I’ve got a whole bunch of new things to show, and the legendary Kimmy will be giving chair massages. Legendary.


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