Gallery Opening at the Splendorporium

Many many thanks to my dear friends for joining me Friday night for some nosh and some art. Believe it or not, artists need encouragement and support– and people to buy beer. The Educators Show is a delightful summit of two underpaid and underappreciated jobs: artist and teacher. So first, thanks to my local friends for joining me; next, thanks to my non-local friends and blog readers who encourage me.

Special thanks to Jess for the daisies. Made my night.

You can see by this picture that my pieces need to be protected from rabid art fans. Ok, maybe it’s that my only framed pieces are small prints; I wish that I had gotten in on the show earlier so that I could use some of the actual wall space.

I’m going to try to involve myself with their shows in the future– since this is the first place I’ve worked with that has a wall huge enough for my big pieces. I am determined to get the monster koi painting on a public wall. It will happen.

Not all my stuff was behind glass, I did have this dedicated shelf– and the koi did make it in the show anyway. I’m really happy with how the snowflake set came together in the layered frame. It looks nice and pretty interesting– but also it was my cheeky way of getting around the submission limit. I brought 4 frames, comfortably below the 6 item limit. It’s just that one of those frames has 6 in it…

What, you think educators don’t know how to cheat? BAH HAHA

Some scenes of note:

The most talked-about piece of the night was a sculpture in the youth gallery. I believe that Josh and Jeff show the proper spectrum of reactions. You’ll have to ask him for the phone-picture he took, I don’t have one. Suffice to say we’ve referred to it as The Heil Hitler.

We're making up for the smallness of my art with the bigness of our smiles.

The Three Wise-ass Men

The Three Wise-ass Men

I believe the musician planned for the show fell through– I’m new to the art scene but I don’t think karaoke is known for artistic ambiance. I don’t mean this to be a criticism of the show, I just have to bring it up so I can tag this post with “crazy stuff that happens to me.” It doesn’t matter who else might have played at the gallery that night, no one would have given us a better exit theme. Picture it: a group of us crouching on our way out the door so we didn’t shadow the wall where the karaoke machine was projecting the lyrics “na na na na, hey hey hey, gooood byyye….” sung by the dulcet tones of a couple ten year old girls.

I leave you today with that story and this totally creepy picture. I await your captions.


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