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This is such a great postcard– I’m glad I have it scanned because I didn’t keep a copy for my art resume. My art resume still feels like a novelty to me; out of allllll those classes where the teachers instructed and re-instructed us on writing the professional resume and none of them mentioned there was any other kind. And my dance resume? Pft, I still giggle a little when I look at it for two reasons: 1. A dance resume? Really? 2. Wow that’s a long dance resume.

I digress.

Here (again) are the details for the Educators Show at Splendorporium opening tomorrow night. We had some nice spring sunshine this morning, so I got inspired to bring in some of the flowers from our yard. I cut a bunch of daffodils and they’re just a big ball of sunshine.

They’ve been throwing me off all day. I’ll walk through the kitchen and sniff and think “What the heck is that smell??” Oh, right. Flowers. Clearly it’s high time for spring time.

I made three truly premium gift card sets today, which should be on ETSY by tomorrow. I found a stamp at the craft store that I loved. I had to have it. I generally look at the stamp aisle and say “$12 for a 2×2 stamp? pft.” but this one had to come home with me. Luckily, it was on sale, so I didn’t pay $7 for it– which makes it doubly awesome.

I’m having craft night this evening; whenever all my “grown up” friends leave their “jobs”  to come over. I cleaned the espresso machine today because lattes are just one of the perks (har har) to having craft night here. I already had mine so as to be prepared for their arrival.

and it was delicious

A little cocoa on top? Oh yes. If you’re reading this post in the morning, then cheers– have yourself a cup of virtual ‘spreso, and I’ll return soon with stories from the show.


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