Of course I needed more ladybugs in my life.

Just a short post today, I wanted to show off that this week’s Craft Night was a great success. I have been pretty engrossed lately in the crafty stuff for ETSY. I’d like to say again that I have new merchandise on ETSY.

Buy my stuff! Or at least pass along my ETSY or blog to your friends.

I put all the scrapbooking stuff away last night and took out the paints for the first time in a while. I finished this last night– I’d forgotten how quickly an 8×10 inch canvas fills up. There are several pages in my sketchbook of scenes I’m planning to make into a series. I got a great deal on a pack of 8×10 canvases, so I figured there was no reason to put off the series any longer. “Things I’ve Seen #1,” or, “Cutest Graffiti Ever.”

Graffiti I saw in the train station of Antwerp, Belgium

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy your evening and the rest of your weekend. I was thinking maybe I’d get dressed up and go have some dinner… and then take in some art.  Yes, sounds nice.


1 Comment

  1. kseverny said,

    March 6, 2010 at 12:48 am

    Cool book covers.
    Good gong

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