Come on guys, keep your clothes on.

I’m happy to report that I’ve had some recent purchases from my ETSY store. Even so, my list of available merchandise continues to grow and I hope you’ll check it out and pass it along to your friends. There are more paintings available for print as well as some very sweet gift wrapping accessories.

This card comes with matching envelope and gift tag-- but not the cat.

In other artsy news, I’ve gotten paperwork back from the Wildcat Haven about their Art and Wine festival in August, so I can now announce I’ll officially be there. They sent me a picture of one of their cougars– I’m still hoping I’ll see the cat that’s on their website eating his foot. I have a thing for goofy cats, you know.

Speaking of goofy things with four legs, I took the dog out yesterday for a walk in the wilds of Tryon Creek state park. They’ve got really nice walking and biking paths. The one downside for Mat is that there’s no off-leash area; heartbreaking to walk through a forest full of perfectly good fetching sticks, and not be able to get more than 4 feet away from me.

Mat shown here next to the original set of Ferngully

The ground wasn’t terribly muddy, and it sprinkled rain only a little– as is appropriate to Oregon springtime. Flowers are just starting to bloom at our house, but the park is already a green mass of plant life. I have a long history with the deserts of Idaho, so I still find myself geeking out a little on the flora of Oregon, even after 7 years. For example, I couldn’t take another step until I took some pictures of this.

I have concluded that this is like a sky-bridge for fairies and gnomes. Not just because it reminds me of Ferngully and The Neverending Story. It’s a perfect long, gently arcing branch comfortably carpeted with moss and shaded by trees and ferns. I stopped thinking it was just my imagination and fancy when I turned around from this branch and found this:

Crystal clear proof that a gnome is running around with no pants on.

This Friday night is the opening of the Educators Show at Splendorporium– the information is in the previous post, but I feel it’s important to repeat myself. Actually, that feeling is really just a habit from when I was an educator.

I’m also applying for booth space this summer at a Wednesday market. I’ll buy coffee for anyone who hangs with me on those Wednesday nights at the Clackamas Town Center. That doesn’t start up until April, so I’ll still be doing prep-work for a bit.

I leave you with a caption contest. I thought the gnome pants would be the most puzzling thing I saw on our walk, but then I walked by this tree. I know there’s a good story or joke to be made here, I just can’t decide what way to go with it. So here, you can be a guest on my blog by captioning this:


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