Splendid, splendor, splenderiffic.

I’ll kick off today’s post with an update to my ETSY store. More cute stuff and whatever. Now that my daily ETSY reference is out of the way, let’s go to more interesting things.

Excellent news, everyone: I dropped off some art yesterday at a gallery to hang in a show next month. All the pieces are coming from teachers and other educators. The place is Splendorporium, and I loved the work they had up from this month’s show.

"A dynamic space where artists can come together, show off, inspire one another, and bedazzle and bewilder the community"

News from the domestic world: Rob and Maty were gone last week visiting Ashland, so the kitty has been lonely. She won’t admit she missed him, but we all know. To add insult to her loneliness, I gave her a bath the other night. I had planned to load a picture of her today all clean– she’s like a powder puff on legs– but she’s been a real brat lately, so I’ll post this one instead.

There, that'll show her to hunt down all my hair ties and sit on my paintings.

Here is the flip side of that postcard with the details:

Thanks for checking in on my blog today! Please feel free to pass it along to others…  😉


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