Cry no more, babies; cry no more.

It’s a huge relief to me that the Canadians finally have a gold medal. I was losing sleep over it. I mean, LOOK AT THIS FACE.

Don’t be sad, Baby Canada. Don’t blow your nose on the maple leaf flag. Wave your little hockey stick with pride and cheer for your country’s master of men’s moguls.

We moved the new drawers into the house and I’m gleefully organizing my art stuff– which sounds just a little oxymoronic I know. But look, I was the kid who wanted to keep my crayons and pencils and markers in the chromatic order they came in.

That's why this makes me smile.

The colors compliment the rug in the room and the tile top looks great. I knew it was ready because it got kitty-approval before I even finished re-assembly.

One of the drawer knobs I got is a totally weird shape. Sort of like a spherical one with a piece cut off at an angle. I utilized its total weirdness to make this “final touch.”

I’ve been loading new cards, envelopes, and art onto my ETSY. If you forgot to get your honey something for Valentine’s day, I’ve got the perfect cards for you– cute, unique, and romantic without saying VALENTINE.

bugg says hi 😉

I got a crazy deal on a set of ten 8×10 canvases, which means I HAVE to start working on a series I’ve had planned for a while. “Things I’ve Actually Seen.” You may notice there’s a tag for my blog for stories of “crazy stuff that happens to me,” let that be a signal that I’ve seen some strange things as well. I hope to have pictures for you soon.


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