Maybe I’ll practice my graffiti tag before the basecoat

I got new knobs for the drawers I picked up this weekend. I want to repaint it, so I can’t really load it up with my stuff until after that. Yesterday Mimi and I went to Rejuvenation, a home decor store made up of one huge space of new fancy elegant fixtures and lights… and then a huge space of scrap/recovered/vintage/amazing house parts. I picked out a bunch of mismatched wooden knobs (I wasn’t crazy about any of the handles they had) and we’ll see how it goes.

“Rejuvenation” on Grand is a wonderland.

Last night I put some base coats on the knobs and today I’m hoping to buy some spray paint today so I can really get this going. I’ve had a great time with my ladies who love vintage furniture and Portland boutiques, but Matilda seems unimpressed.

What aaaaare you doing?

I don’t expect her to understand. She’s more interested in Animal Planet than with HGTV.

I’ve also got some more cards and tags and prints in the works, so watch for them on ETSY. I realize now I’m overdue for my morning espresso, so I will wish you a good day and thanks for checking in on my blog again.


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