This time, I’m the solution instead of the problem.

Here’s as much warning as you’re going to get: I’m about to utilize one of the nerdiest ways to deliver a joke. The Venn Diagram.

My friends, have no fear. My ETSY shop is chock-full of cards and tags that are amusing, half the price of store-bought cards, and not at all offensive. Unless you want them to be.

Said the bird to the butterfly, Tweet Tweet My Sweet.

I have finally gotten some success in the never-ending quest to Organize My Art Crap. Got a great set of drawers at House of Vintage on Hawthorne Ave this week. It’s a little like a wooden filing cabinet. The drawers vary in size, and some of them have dividers or compartments. I think I’ll be painting it another color and probably replace the handles. I have been thinking of what I should put in the different drawers, but apparently one drawer has been spoken for.

Thanks, this will do nicely.

Actually, correct that. Miss Fuzzypants has claimed one and a half drawers.


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