To keep life interesting, it’s good to find new creative ways to embarass yourself

Have you seen the blog CakeWrecks? I find it’s a good one to visit when I feel like I’m screwing up a painting, or when I want cake, or when I want to laugh. So… I visit it regularly. It features photos of cakes made by “professionals.” Lots of misspellings, ambiguous frosting figures, and general bakery misunderstanding.

I like this one. And also this one.

For today’s story, names have been changed to protect the embarrassed–I mean innocent… Ok, these smart-asses we’ll call Shmatie and Remily. Shmatie and Remily were in Costco and were checking out their cakes.

We both lamented how we’d like to find a Cake Wreck someday. I’d seen a couple lopsided ladybug cakes at the Fred Meyer but never any frosting piped in questionable shapes or illegible writing. Then we saw the fridge with a huge CUSTOM CAKES sign. Could it be, our someday had arrived?

YES. It could be, it was. We found a cake that looked just fine at first glance, not poorly done… but we couldn’t read the last word. It wasn’t a real whopper of a cake wreck or anything (like this) but we were excited. I took a picture with my phone, and for good measure she took one with her phone. Then we adjusted the cake on the shelf so she could get just one  better picture just in case.

And I noticed a woman with a sour look on her face and her shopping card positioned to give Emily some bruises. I fleetingly thought this might be bad and we closed the door of the CUSTOM CAKES fridge and turned away… just to hear the door reopen. What are the odds. We were caught photographing and giggling at her cake when she came to get it.

you did WHAT?

Thanks to Oscar for providing just the right reaction for that story.

We kept our heads low on our way out of Costco and went to start craft night. There has been a lot of crafting goin’ on ’round here. Gluing and cutting and sewing and putting it all on ETSY. In the middle of the paper flurries, that cat wanted to make sure that she was available if we needed a paw.Here she is, conveniently out of the way… snuggling a slide style paper cutter.

she has a love of danger

The fruits of these labors are being loaded almost daily to that little online shop I won’t seem to shut up about. I have also posted some very intricate cards by Guest Artist Remily that I hope you will look at.


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