Today’s post brought to you by best writer evar

do not be afraid, leeeetle duck.

The Katie person has been busy lately, and I can only entertain myself with a wee little rubber ducky for so long before I have to start messing with her stuff. I’ve already sat on all her art projects and sat on the stairs where I was sure I would trip her/kill her/keep her for myself. Now all I’m left with  is infiltrating her internet space or exploring the laundry shoot and somebody ruined my fun there with a carefully placed cardboard box. So now I’m on the interwebs.

This is the crap the Katie person has been up to…

she calls them gift tags or something like that

I don’t know what that’s all about. When I leave a present for someone I don’t find it necessary to include a tag or whatever. But I also don’t bother to wrap anything. I don’t have thumbs.

For your friend the pirate-lubber. Everyone knows one.

I guess she thinks somebody out there would like to use this kind of crap– I suspect they’re important because she yells at me every time I sit on them. I hope someone buys them so that she can get me kibbles. Here’s her stuff. I want kibbles.

sometimes it's cold.

Dog says hi too.


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