Adventures in sewing

It was just about a year ago when I made my first project with the Janome sewing machine I got for Christmas (thanks Bill, and Cindy for helping him pick it out). In an unplanned anniversary celebration I just finished a second apron. All by myself! I designed it with Emily in mind– you might call her a connoisseur of aprons.

Emily modeling her apron and conveniently showcasing my "stained glass clock"

The ruffles are actually leftover fabric from the  curtains I put up in the kitchen window, and they worked perfectly for the bow for the back.

My regular readers might remember my complaints about sewing those curtains without an iron. My mom has lovingly completed the holy sewing trinity for me– sewing machine, ironing board, and iron.  It’s the most powerful iron EVER. It’s a monster. It could fight Chuck Norris. For purposes of scale, here it is with an ACTUAL BEAR.


Very cute, Mom.

My extra-tall ironing board comes with a rack on the side for you to rest the iron on. I’m not sure the makers had gambled on my behemoth iron.

"You can't leave it on for more than a half hour or it melts."

Joking aside, it pressed the seams just fine, so thanks Mom. I also completed a little crocheting project the other day that will be posted on the crafty-pants I have Valentines and prints posted to my ETSY. I hope your day goes well, thanks for reading!


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