Because I know you guys loves the animals.

Maty and I have found a new seasonal sport: Mud Fetch.Emily and I took turns holding the camera and throwing the tennis ball in the over-soaked sponge they call the soccer field at the nearby middle school.

He's really good at Mud Fetch

I would love to borrow an ounce of his energy morning. I’d have blog posts for you guys twice daily. Since he had so much fun in the mud and Matilda could obviously not enjoy the same sort of entertainment, we got her a new thing to hide in. She loves playing in the mesh pop-up laundry baskets, and this is made in a similar shape and material but *made* for a kitty so let me just say that she was trying to climb in it before Emily had even put it together.

We call it the Taj Meow-hal

Short post, I know, but I hope you got a laugh out of it. Up next: arty crafty stuff!


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