Katie’s New Line of “Hallmark Doesn’t Sell These” Cards

I’ve been busily assembling what I’m calling “Understated Valentines.” They are the product of a great stack of bright scrapbook paper and my sewing machine.

Yesss, a sewing machine. I’m sticking it to Corporate Glue, so to speak. The pictures don’t show that these are embellished with metallic silver thread in fancy stitches.

I’ve got 16 totally one-of-a-kind cards here that you can give to anybody you know.  The usual Valentine cards are overly romantic and flowery, or tastelessly dirty, or  made for 4th graders.

Understated Valentines are great for any relationship– from someone you’ve been trying to bowl over with your suave charm to the guy who cheerfully fixes the copy machine and you want to thank him but don’t know his name. They are inscribed with phrases along the lines of

“I’ve grown quite fond of you.” You supply the romance factor with a well curved eyebrow upon card delivery.

I’m loading them to my ETSY store a few at a time along with available canvases and prints. What’s more romantic than chocolate? ART.


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