Turn just a little to the right, raise your chin, smile!

soon to be on ApplesLoveOranges shop on ETSY

Today I celebrated MLK Jr. by encouraging the creative endeavors of crafting and art. I have posted again on the internet gathering ground for smartass crafters, the http://theknlog.com/.

I had a great time with Suz–the woman behind ApplesLoveOranges. She enlisted me as a head model for her new headbands and hair clips. You’ll see them soon on her Etsy.For now you get a sneak peak with everyone’s favorite feline totally showing me up as a model.

The afternoon with Suz got me motivated to work some more on my own E-shop– see, she actually SELLS things off of hers! I can put some of my collaged things, clothes, and jewelry up for sale too. DeviantArt just doesn’t work for that.


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  1. Mia Zoll said,

    January 19, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    Dear Apples love Oranges,

    I got a google notice about your new shop. I’m sure your things will be adorable on Etsy. I am an Etsy member also. http://www.creativegatherings.etsy.com. I sell vintage jewelry and wedding dresses

    My daughter also has a shop on Etsy called http://www.rebeccaplotnick.etsy.com. She does photography. She has traded with a lady that knits caps and items for kids. You might want to contact her and do the same thing. Look at her site. Good luck to you.,



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