I see Portland, I see France, I see Maty McDirtyPants

Paris collage

Good news, fellow Portland fans. I’ve started the early stages of a piece I’m planning– the similar style as the Paris poster, but for the great weird city I’m lucky enough to live in. this was a big undertaking– the biggest collage I’ve ever done. Today I began culling my pile of magazines and catalogs for vibrant colors and Portland-like things. Naturally I made a pile of books/beer/wine pictures. A bike or two. Obviously there will be roses. If you’ve got any suggestions for Portland icons and symbols, please feel free to pass them along to me. This is still the planning and sketching stage, still brainstorming.

Since the weather was “nice” today, I took Maty out to run at the school. I assume during the rest of the year it’s a fine playground and soccer field, but today it is a school in the middle of a marshy muddy bog. but what could I do? We’d come that far, I couldn’t turn around and drive him home.  So I tossed the ball for him and watched him splash through the puddles and slide through the mud. No joke, there are ten feet long skid marks where he slid today. He was ridiculous. Completely filthy. You wouldn’t know that he’s got white socks; you probably wouldn’t even know he’s blonde.

Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night shall stop Maty from the BAAALLLLLL

I’ve got a couple possible commissions in my near future. Cross your fingers for me and whatnot. I look forward to posting pictures of my “Welcome” sign in a window other than my own. Details later. I’ve also got another Christmas Letter chapter in the works  and some seasonally cheeky Valentine cards. I also have another example of my cat’s fame, I’ll load it soon. For now I sign off with the happiest dirtiest dog ever.


Reminds me of a story my parents claim to be true (but I can’t refute it because I was too young to remember) in which I ran around our dusty campground site, picking up little handfuls of dirt and throwing them. Pinecones and dirt, because that’s all it takes to entertain a little kid sometimes. My most zealous throws flipped my arm back over my head until my hair was full of dirt and pine needles… and more importantly, all the dirt I’d thrown over my back and into my diaper.

Let's do that ride again!

Whatever, Maty knows how much fun that is.



  1. Carol Johnston said,

    January 18, 2010 at 2:41 am

    I know for a fact that the dirt story is absolutely true. The ending you’ve mercifully forgotten is the bath in the cold running river afterwards.

  2. Diane said,

    January 18, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Thanks for the wonderful happy dog face! And consider weaving Powell’s into your Portland piece. Love ya.

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