Content Warning: Reference to Girly Parts

A couple posts ago I made reference to a painting I just finished, instead of a photographic sneak peak I left you with a puzzler: I’ll be sending a copy to my gynecologist.

I’ve been mercifully free of migraine painting “inspiration” lately. Instead, last week I took my art supplies up against my other affliction, Endometriosis.

You can look up the details on it yourself, I don’t think my blog is the place for technical discussions about girly parts. I will give you this link to an article that briefs the disease and spotlights Padma Lakshmi’s experience with endo. She’s one of the hosts for Top Chef on Bravo, and you might have heard about my addictions to Food Network and the like. I always liked her, but she sort of became a hero of mine after I found out her history with endo and that she started a foundation of some sort for Endometriosis research.

Here’s my two cents:

Endometriosis, or, My Angry Ovaries

There’s a few ladies I know who have endo too, and I hope they read my blog. I really hope they laugh. It’s like with the terrorists– if we stop having fun, the ovaries have won.

Coming soon: Valentine cards!


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