Some happy life events

Last night we had a rocking good time for Emily’s birthday, utilizing Rob’s culinary skill and tools. Check out this spread:

preceded by cheese and salami plates, followed with chocolate and Amaretto cake

Good food, good company, good wine, good time. Happy Birthday Em!


I spent most of my afternoon today working on some blog business. My friend Melina thinks I’m cool enough to feature on her blog, so there will be a link coming soon for some shameless self promotion. I’m also working on very special Valentine’s Day cards I hope to have on ETSY shortly.

It's ok, Matt-- this is not *the* dress, I'm not ruining the surprise.

I would also like to make a shout-out to my dear dear friend (my first adopted sister) Elyse. You’ll see some pictures here in a few months featuring her wedding with Matt. We went dress shopping this week, which was great fun and a great success. Congratulations, sweetie!

He's tired from partying so hard, I guess.

In closing, things are good around here. You can tell by Maty’s face of sleepy satisfaction.


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