Duet with the Song Bird

Good morning! It’s almost Friday, that’s good right? Still slumping after Hump Day? Then maybe what you need is some rubber ducky.

"You Make Bathtime So Much Fun"

I’m feeling quite pleased this morning. I’ve got a bunch of table space cleared in the art room, later some friends are coming over for Craft Night, I’m finally catching up on the laundry, and I have coffee brewing as I type this. But that’s not even the best part of the morning. Margi let me know that she got her newsletter from Salem Friends of Felines this month and it has a little feature on Matilda. I hope they remember to send me a copy. I realize now that my cat has a bigger reputation than me. I’ll console myself with knowing I’m higher on the food chain and she can’t open the kibble bag without oppose-able thumbs.

wouldn't you love to sleep this relaxed?

Lucky for me, at least one person is looking out for my notoriety. My dear song bird Melina has featured me on her blog with the flattering headline “You Ought to Know: KT.”  So if you’re interested she’s posted our ‘interview’ on her blog, ~miscellanea~.  I would like to say, You Ought To Know Lena.

The cutest bad influence ever.


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