Today’s post brought to you by Pirate Duck

This weekend I traveled south and got to see several friends that I don’t see often enough. We went to a show at Cloud 9 in Corvallis, Oregon. Corvallis is losing something special– a musician by the name of Casey Hurt. This was a farewell show, he’s moving out of the state. You should buy his CDs and go see him play (Lena I especially mean you, I think he’ll be in your area).

And you should hire his wife Lauren for photography. Or take her out for coffee, she’s adorable. So if you two are reading this, sorry I couldn’t climb over the mass of your fans to give you a hug and congratulations. But me and my 4 friends loved it anyway.

When I drove home Sunday afternoon I was greeted with another stunning view of Mt. Hood. Naturally I had my sweet new camera so I pulled over and pretended a neighbor wasn’t watching me curiously as I steadied my hand on a mailbox.

I wish the wisp of cloud was clearer in this shot

I’ve done a bit of work around the house. Not the laundry of course, but I’ll get there. After a bath in my beautiful bathroom. Ellie, if you thought the bathroom was sweet before, check this out. The tub is below a big beautiful picture window, which is fine unless you’re taking a bath. The skylight is great but in the summer it’s a bright portal pouring heat into our house.

Much better

Also I have two new pieces in progress. Here is a peek at one of them:

The other painting is nearly finished and I hope to post it for you tomorrow. No sneak peek though. To maintain your curiosity though, I will say that when it’s finished I’m sending a copy to my gynecologist. (wow, I can almost hear your head tilt with confusion).

Also I will be posting this piece to ETSY but you guys get a first look (and therefore first dibs). A set of 6x6inch plastic double-sided frames that hang from one another.

Naturally they gracefully rotate-- which makes them tough to photograph

The set includes all 8 in the snowflake series (Tulips, Owls, Pandas, Antelope Skulls, Frogs, Wine, Anchors, and the Anchor color inverse).

Thanks again for reading, I hope you dig the pictures. In closing:

Pirate Duck approves of this improvement.


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