My approval ratings are going up – because of my cat

I started this blog to write about my artistic escapades, but more and more parts of my life have worked their way to my keyboard. I would like to note that the day I posted the story of Matilda and there were twice as many hits as my average days. I told her to quit being bratty because everyone loves her. But I did give her a bath so I guess it’s to be expected.

I packed up my art from Da Vinci’s today. Sounds like people liked it a lot! Most of what I had there are my favorite pieces and I’ve missed them. Heather said that customers had really liked my things. The best stuff is not hearsay, but first hand. For the first time I put a blank notebook with my business cards, Comments For The Artist. I put a string in it like a bookmark and tied a few charms to the end so it would look like more fun. Eye catching shiny things. It proved to be most effective with children. The first people to write in my comment book were a group of kids who even asked permission to write in it. I liked this page, partly because they used my first and last names.

No, Thank YOU Kayla.

Really I was thrilled from page one. I couldn’t ask for a better first page. I would love to hug this kid:

I'm O.K!

I’ve started 2 new pieces and I’m going to make some lovely one-of-a-kind Valentine cards, so you have those to look forward to. And I hope the first week of 2010 has been good to you.


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