February and March–A spring of romance.

In February, Bill proposed to me. We’ve been together for 5 years. He’s supported and encouraged me with my art (and dance… and writing…) from day one.

Europe Vacation - London, Paris, Amsterdam

As usual, he brings out my best. I painted this as a gift to him after we went to Europe. I get really great feedback about it, so I love to show it. But the wall in our living room is awfully bland with its spot empty.

In March I got IMMENSE joy out of the wedding of two of my dearest friends. Nick and Jess. They got married at McMenamin’s Edgefield Lodge, and if you ever get a layover in Portland, it’s near the airport and is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in. It was the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so there were activities going on at the hotel anyway, so we were sort of just another spectacle in the halls until we got to the ballroom.

[Here] is where I would put a picture of the painting I made for them as a wedding present. Next time I’m over at their place I’ll take a picture of it. Like myself and other good Oregonians, they appreciate good beer. I designed a beer label with their names. A few years ago I did something like that for Bill’s parents:

Their wedding year and Alaska mountains

I scored really well that year with this gift. 🙂

I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun and safe. I’m a little too excited to write things in my new 2010 planner. I’m contacting places in hopes I can start writing in GIGS even.


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