Christmas Day, or Surveying the Booty

Everybody here enjoyed Christmas. I had a bit of a windfall this year. My loving husband got me a new laptop, which I desperately need. My old one was a Christmas present 4 years ago, and my good little Vaio has sort of survived lots of spyware and viruses and is totally clogged up with pictures and files. Everything on it is just plain tired. It’s the difference between a tv screen and a movie theatre screen, it’s a great big 17.3 inch wide screen. There are all sorts of touchpad tricks and shortcuts to streamline photo editing work. The good thing about holding on to electronics for so long is that when you get a new one, the technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. This is most apparent in my other gift, which will also speed up my photo work– A new digital camera!! You may have noticed a dark corner in some of my photos. The aperture doesn’t open all the way.It runs on AA batteries.

It was my high school graduation present.

The last time I dropped it, the latch that holds the batteries broke. Here is its current state:

Using my new camera's handy Macro Setting to capture all the sadness.

I suspect my new camera may be smarter than my old laptop. I worry that my new camera may be smarter than me. It’s got settings for a dozen environments I’d never think of changing the camera pre-sets for. Dawn and dusk light are different buttons. It’s got a spy setting– to photo documents and chalkboards and stuff. “Museum” is for places you can’t use flash and you might shake a little since you’re not supposed to be taking pictures there, smart-ass.

Kitty's dinner salad

I got tipped off to wheat grass by Elyse. I know they use it at Jamba Juice and that it tastes awful, but it turns out that cats totally dig it. I grew a pot for each of the animals as presents, and they both went right to it as soon as I put  the pots down.  We also filled a box with tinsel and ribbons for her, and I think she appreciated that too. Mat loves the grass too, but not as much as the beef shoulder bone Rob gave him. Look at this goofy smile:

I call it his dinosaur bone. He still hasn't finished it!

Christmas was very kind to our kitchen. Rob got me a very slick food processor, and Mimi got him a deep fryer. Go ahead and think about that a minute, about how much that expands our possible cooking repertoire. I used the food processor to make Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake and Buttermilk Biscuits. Then I used it to make calzones (asiago chicken sausage, mozzarella, halloumi, spinach). Then Rob took those calzones and put them in the fryer. Oh, yes.

Josh, Sonny, and Rob witness the magic

Holy Krups that looks delicious

Both our new appliances are remarkably easy to use and neither take up much counter space. The fryer has a snap cover for splattering that you can put down before you lower the basket to the oil. The calzones were crazy delicious, but that was not the end. We had to explore Tempura Bacon. It is exactly as delicious and unhealthy as it sounds. We have plans for doughnuts, funnel cakes, fries, potato chips, cheese sticks and/or curds…. oh man. It’s too much to think about. And we’re armed with the standard Better Homes Cookbook and the legendary Grandma Kay’s Cookbook, we are unstoppable.

Emeril isn't here, but BAM anyway

The consensus is:

I’d like to close this with the best picture my camera has taken so far:

mmm cappuccino foam


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