T’was the eve before Christmas, not a creature was stirring, except Maty because he never stops.

This was the view on Christmas eve from a couple blocks up the hill from us. I don’t remember the last time I experienced weather this nice so late in the year. I spent last Christmas in Alaska. The entire week and a half I was there it never “warmed up” past -14. So I took the dog on a walk. With only one jacket on! And not even a hat!

Maty loves to go outside. Anywhere, just GO. He has far too much energy to be on a leash. This was the first time I took him on a walk with the leash and he didn’t spend the entire time jumping up and down playing tug-o-war with it. The only reason this was so was because he had something even better than a leash, he had a stick, (which is only surpassed by a t-e-n-n-i-s b-a-l-l.)

He's never stopped acting like a puppy. NEVER.

He carried it proudly all the way up the hill and back. The neighbors liked it. He liked it. The only part he didn’t like was when we got home and I tried to bring him inside without playing fetch first.

Are YOOOOU kidding me? Put down the camera and pick up the stick!

I think that’s why he constructed an elaborate plan to make me look like a weirdo. We stopped playing because I thought one of his paws was bleeding. I took off my sock to protect it and bring him inside. But then I couldn’t figure out which one was hurt, I couldn’t find more blood. So I put him inside and turned to pick up my things, just in time to see a UPS guy running up my driveway. It’d be a good Missed Connections for Craig’s List. Me: standing in my front yard wearing one boot and a bare foot, with a sock, boot, and purse tossed around me. You: Kind enough to not act like I was insane.

I did get a great action-shot out of the deal though.

For Christmas eve dinner we had Tamale Pies from O’Connor’s. I saved the real holiday cooking for the day of. There was no ham, but there were crepes with all kinds of fillings, cappuccinos, white chocolate peppermint bark, chicken and dumplings, and maple pumpkin cheesecake. I have no pictures of these creations for two reasons, the first is that my hands were covered in butter for most of the day’s cooking, the second is my camera was hiding under discarded paper anyway.

The weather has turned to wind. Wind windy wind wind. Maty cannot convince me to go out and play in the wind. This means I can stay inside in the warmth and work on some more entries and more pictures to share with you. I hope your Christmas Eve was fun and there were no shopping-related injuries.


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