My other winter sport: Crocheting

The weather has been unusually pleasant, but in the name of preparation I’ve created another piece of warm clothing. You can’t have enough scarves around here.

If you can believe it, I have a friend who was silly enough to invite me to collaborate on a blog. So until I scan some more art, here’s what I’ve been up to lately– my scarf and first post for the unpronounceable Knlog.

a.k.a Crazies with Hooks and Needles

Yesterday I got to be a proud part of a Cookie Decorating Extravaganza the likes of which you’ve never seen. Hopefully I will get some pictures, because describing it isn’t sufficient. I’ve seen bakeries with fewer cookies. I’ve seen Food Network specials less organized. It was a sight to behold, and I did my little part with 16-20 Santa sugar cookies. If you count the one where I bucked the trend and didn’t make a beardy face, I wrote “Hi, My Name is Santa.”

I hope this finds you well. Travel safe!


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