Christmas is now official in the Pip House

I think for most people it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas until the tree is up. Christmas just isn’t that close… unless you have a tree to walk around in the living room. At the very least, that’s how I felt growing up.

Act 1: Our tree is decorated and on display. Emily and I had a lot of fun arranging our big front window for Halloween, so December is a good excuse to do it again.

Maty got in the spirit, too.

I'm a helper

Even Matilda was interested. I thought she was even getting a little bit happy about the holidays.

Is it a tiny tree or a biiiig kitty?

This is only my second Christmas with a cat. But I knew last year that there was a new tradition. The X-mas Goal Post was moved again. Act 2: Grinchypants the cat pulls down the Christmas tree.

Everyone's a critic.


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