Art, jewelry, and tea- My Saturday at River Organics


Yesterday was ye olde Second Saturday arts at River Organics and as usual it was a lovely time. Michele picked out not only the best flavor of goldfish crackers but the best Triscuits as well.

At least, it's one of MY favorite places to be.

There are several holiday appropriate drool-worthy lotions and oils at RO– I was practically huffing the Pumpkin massage lotion. Everything lavender is rather magical as well.

These are all for sale and want to belong to YOU

I’d like to note that the Idaho Travel Poster, Alaska Travel Poster, Paris Collage, and In Bruges all print BEAUTIFULLY at 8×10. And even better with a mat and/or frame.

I love this picture of Jess

The window painting actually looks pretty good from the inside, too. As you can see, the weather wasn’t anything to get excited over, but as you can also see, Jess (and the rest of us) were excited over Michele’s fabulous tea in proper teacups.

hee hee this is when she took me to get my hair done for the wedding.

Time for a shout-out. Yesterday was Jess’s  birthday and I’m so glad she took time in the middle of it to come to my show. There are two paintings she commissioned from me that I’m showing publicly for the first time, which I’m really happy about because they’re two pieces that I’m especially proud of.

Happy birthday Jess!

In an hour I’ll be at Da Vinci’s with her and the rest of my crew, encouraging them to get afternoon-drunk on wine, if they’re not too hungover from birthday festivities last night. I’ll try to have pictures but I did drop my camera yesterday and broke the thing that keeps the batteries in. The rest of the camera works fine… I just have to put an iron grip on one half the camera and still  hit the button. So cross your fingers… because obviously I won’t be able to.



  1. K. Weaver (Your ASL teacher) said,

    February 21, 2010 at 1:00 am

    FANTASTIC STUFF! My favorite is the European Vacation. So amazing! I love the stained ‘glass’ clock too..very cool! =o))

    Thanks for letting me spy a peek at your work!
    =o) Me

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