On painting backwards and looking like an idiot.

Ta Dah! The picture of pictures I referred to has been liberated from the camera.

Matted 8x10 prints- Did I mention they're for sale?

Today I got to do something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Michele of River Organics invited me to paint one of her front windows to decorate for the holidays. It was nice to hang out at the boutique and fun to try the challenge of painting backwards. But the whole thing was worth doing just for my trip to Lowe’s to gather supplies.

You can buy special paint that is designed for window painting. Or, probably YOU can. But I sure can’t. I called art and craft stores around town and none of them had any. I was pleasantly surprised when an employee of Lowe’s said they did, in lots of different colors.

I couldn’t find it in the paint section, so I figured the most efficient thing to do would be to ask someone. “Hi, I’m looking for something but I can’t find it. It’s paint that you can use on windows.”

He said “…. … *blink*… *blink*..” He suggested I talk to the person at the Paint desk. Naturally no one was there. I asked another employee.

“… *blink* Like, for insulation?”

He asked the employee next to him. They both paged the guys who were supposed to be at the Paint desk but were apparently not in the building. They told me to go back to the paint aisle and there would be an employee there to meet me. The first blue apron I saw was not the one who was waiting for me but dutifully asked if he could help me nonetheless. Which of course he could not, because I was clearly a crazy person.

I’m not joking when I say that I was in the paint aisle with 5 Lowe’s employees who were positively boggled. I understand that it’s a funny thing to ask for. It sounds silly to say it out loud. But I explained that it’s water resistant but comes off easily with soap. That didn’t help… so I tried to get more specific. “Like the stores that have stuff painted on the windows! All the car repair shops and toy stores!” I swear to God it was like I was speaking Swedish.And it meant NOTHING that I kept saying “I spoke with an employee this morning and he said you have it!”

To everyone’s surprise, the next employee that came over to see what was the deal with the flash mob actually knew what I was asking about. Or at least, he seemed to. He promptly led me (and Emily, and the flock of blue aprons) to the far side of the spray paint aisle and proudly picked up a can of spray-on frost.

The bad/good ending to the paint search is that I didn’t need to buy that stuff anyway. I have a crate of super cheap poster paints and I tried them out last night on our front window, and they worked just fine. Not difficult to wash off– I’m sure not as easy to wash as the special paints, which I’m beginning to doubt exist.

I invite you to print the following pictures and take them to the Tigard Lowe’s and show them. “This! This is what the crazy lady was talking about!!”

White and Green to keep with her color scheme

TOMORROW: Second Saturday Arts and Crafts at River Organics, which as you can see has been spruced up for the occasion. I’ll have prints and other things for purchase. You can get a chair massage. It’s ok if you just come for the chair massage. I understand.

SUNDAY: Come get boozy with me at Da Vinci’s where I have several new pieces on display. 1:00, wine and cheese and pizza. Please let me know if you can come.


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