Nothing says Happy Holidays like the gift of Art

There was one conspicuous absence among that list of ETSY sellers, and that is the link to my own ETSY shop. I do have one, but I’ve taken all my merchandise out so I can sort through new pieces and get better pictures and load them all again nice and tidy and organized. But it’s Christmas shopping season and Baby Jesus only knows when my ETSY will be up and running again.

There are many many forms in which you can buy my work through my DeviantArt account— prints, cards, magnets, coasters, coffee mugs… Very easy to use and I know some of my readers have made purchases there and I get a portion of those purchases.

You should also feel free to order directly from me, and to facilitate that I thought I’d tell you about some things I have that your friends totally need. They may not know it yet, but they do.

{here} is where I would put a picture I took yesterday that would display an attractive array of 8×10 prints in complementary mats ready to be framed and adored. I even took the picture, but it’s locked inside of my camera. Please calm down, I’ve done all I can. I’m sorry. All I have to say is “Batteries! Batteries! My kingdom for 4 AA batteries!”

Here’s what I’m doing for my special friends, family, and blog readers. $25 for 1 matted 8×10 print -or- 2 matted 5x7s -or- 3 matted 4x6s. This includes basic shipping and a greeting card I’ve designed. Add $5 for any frames, and the additional cost for expedited shipping. I’ll giftwrap for free.

If you’re interested in originals, other print sizes, or my crafty jewelry and whatnot, we can talk about those specifically.

Also I have a totally sweet set of hanging frames that include 6×6 prints of all the paintings in my snowflake series. {Here} is where THAT picture would go. I’ll get a picture of it this weekend where it’s hanging at Da Vinci’s Ristorante Italiano. Have I mentioned them? Come drink and eat cheese with me this Sunday at Da Vinci’s.

Come have coffee and massages with me this Saturday at River Organics. Have I mentioned them?


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