Maty 0, Katie 3

I’ve just finished practicing my new favorite winter sport. I invented it! I haven’t come up with a name for it yet. The briefest name for it now is Get Drunk and Play Fetch Ball. You can play it at home too, I think it’ll catch on quickly. Very simple and readily available equipment:

Opponent- One or more dogs

Teammates (optional)- the other drunks you know.

Equipment: 1 glass of wine/beer/vodka with hot chocolate, 1 ball or fetch item (I like to play the night edition, today I bought Maty a glow in the dark ball). And for December training it’s best to utilize lots of layers and scarves and hats. Since this is also a slobbery game for at least ONE of the competitors, I like to have a latex glove on the throwing hand and a fleece glove on the other.

He doesn't really hold still for pictures

This is my formidable opponent, Mat. This picture captures many of his best qualities, like excitement, optimism, joy, and total silliness. So although he is always cuter than me in three sweatshirts + scarf +hat+ hood, I would like to note that the results of tonight’s game of Get Drunk and Play Fetch With the Dog, I WIN AGAIN.

I know there’s some smart-ass among you readers that wants to ask, “Exactly how do you win or lose at this game?” I thought about that during halftime and I’ll tell you how I know I win: I finish my drink before he’s done playing fetch. As for how to lose, I figured that out because I very NEARLY lost. If I hadn’t gotten a glow-in-the-dark ball neither of us would have been able to find the ball that I threw with my left hand into the hedge, lodged about 4 feet off the ground.


1 Comment

  1. cookjess said,

    December 9, 2009 at 5:56 am

    Ha! That’s awesome. I think I shall need to play one of these nights. Do we need to bring our own equipment to share?

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