Getting Gift-sy with ETSY, Part 1

A couple months ago I collected a stack of business cards of silly proportions when I went to a craft fair put on by the Rose City Rollers. I saw so many things that were adorable, creative, hilarious, etc. I couldn’t buy much that day, but I took all the cards because I thought it would be a cool idea to try and do a lot of Christmas shopping via Etsy so as to support local and independent artists. Since I have all this valuable creative/shopping information, I thought I’d pass it along for your entertainment and edification. The following are all or nearly all Portland artists.

Paper stuff- Cards, Art Prints

Alisa Starr’s Snarky Cards. Too funny. There’s no introduction to her that I can give that would do justice except to say “Snarky Cards.” I bought several of these, and I think my friends who received them would attest to the snarkiness.

Brenda Dunn – Elegant beautiful illustrations of (often tattooed) pin-up style women, also a floral selection she’s running a special on.

Mimi Muse Designs A lot of beautiful classy collage art, mostly cards and prints but also fun stuff like light switch face plates.  Very intricate detailed work.

Misc gifts

Anderson Soap Company – My friends and I showed a great amount of restraint going around the booths, but we absolutely could not walk away from the Anderson soap products. I recommend the whipped soaps. I got the Satsuma scented one, Emily got Chocolate Drizzle… I wanted to eat their soap.

EyePopArt – Clocks and paintings and hangings for decorating,  LOTS of mandala patterns (and I think it’s evident in my art that I really like that kind of thing.

DoorMouseDesigns A great one to check out for miscellaneous gifts of only the super-duper cute variety.

Moss Hand Made I can’t say it better than she does: “…A collection of pretty things inspired by sweet little grannies only tragically hipper.” Adorable little knit items and some jewelry.


Flying Rabbit Studio Very cute pendants, beaded necklaces and earrings. And sale stuff!

Gallery M I love recycled jewelry, quite often for the quirkiness and punkiness that you can get with it. So as a fan of both jewelry and Scrabble, I like Melissa’s Scrabble and other game piece pendants. I’ve seen jewelry in the same vein but these are a lot more classy than spunky.

Clothes and such

Lolly-Tots I need to warn you. This shop is dangerous. Take it in small doses or you may have a cuteness OVERLOAD. Ridiculously cute hats and scarves, aprons, etc.

Flapper Girl Her stuff is so very very Portland. Aprons, bags, patches, pins, coffee cozies and perhaps the best part, Ruffle Bum Knickers!! Just say it out loud, just once. Ruffle. Bum. Knickers.

Sesame Seed Designs I’ve seen a lot of recycled art and jewelry, but using recycled sweaters is a new one to me. Hats, scarves, purses, cozies; I feel a little warmer just looking at her merchandise.

Pfth. I’m maybe halfway through these cards. I think this is becoming a 2 part post. Also I finally found my camera, I have new things to take pictures of for you.

So tune in for more…


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