ETSY gift guide part 2

Today is the concluding Act 2 of this week’s feature play, They’re Waiting For The Dough, or, How to Help Portland Artists Succeed Without Really Trying.


Cate Anevski makes art that is a little bizarre and interesting but still maintains a very endearing quality. Prints, cards, a little jewelry and even embroidery work.


Wendelicious does have an ETSY store, but when I checked it it’s temporarily closed. All of these are Portland artists, but she’s relocating. Psh. But you should look at her work, and you can check out her blog.

Toast Jewelry has really beautiful wire work, mostly in the shape of leaves.

Those were the weakest descriptions of their work, but you know, I haven’t turned on the espresso machine yet this morning. Pause a moment while I go hit the power button. [Pause] Ok I’ll be articulate soon enough.


House of Six Cats And if the name isn’t enough to interest you, let me tell you this. Right now you have a unique opportunity. Right now, you can give someone coasters for Christmas, and you’ll ACTUALLY BE COOL DOING IT. Seriously, this man has beautiful photographs and makes just gorgeous coasters, light switch plates, and of course some jewelry. I’m not sure you can be a crafter in Portland without making jewelry too.

Noelle Doodle If you thought there was too much cute in Part 1, you won’t be able to handle this. I’m SURE you know a kid who needs one of these. If no one else, you know ME. And I would giggle every time I looked at it. “Adorably bizarre.”

Robot Candy “Handmade goods for the modern home” I’d like to fit the adjectives cute and maybe funky, but that’s the phrase on their card so I won’t mess with it. Switchplate covers, magnets, coasters. I never thought I’d be recommending coasters as gifts for people, but here I am again.

It’s purely by chance that the last card in the stack is for Betsy & Iya. For those of you who are supporting the Portland ETSY sellers there is their shop. But for my friends who are into fashion photography then you can drool over their website Here. Try not to drool onto your laptop.


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