My biggest project yet…

Let’s call it an “installation.” That makes me sound like a professional modern artist.

That’s an overstatement. I didn’t even install it myself. But that’s because a ticket to Alaska is just too big an art expense, and I wouldn’t have enough paint anyway.

Yeah, Alaska! I was commissioned to design a sign for a subdivision that is nearing completion.  Credit for the actual crafting and building  of the sign goes to the sign-makers. But the pretty colors and all were my idea. I’m crazy proud about this.

Machetanz Ridge sign

It’s named for Fred Machetanz who was a well-known Alaskan painter. He was 1997’s Alaskan of the Year. And also American Artist of the Year for 1981 by American Artist magazine.  His work is totally stunning and you can see some prints here.

So who wants to go with me to have dinner and eavesdrop on the other customers? I happen to know they have a nice Pino Gris.


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